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Really enjoyable and interesting

A good length for teenagers and adults and the latest episode made me want to eat cake. I looked up Heidi's cake page as a result! Xx

My favourite podcast!

I absolutely love this podcast and feel like I’m getting to live a snippet of the various dream jobs I’ve fancied doing for myself over the years. As a reluctant adult now I find them inspirational, so I can only imagine how valuable they would have been to me when I was younger and making those big life choices too. Highly recommended!


In this world of noise a refreshingly honest idea, young people sharing their experiences of their transition from education into work. Listening with my daughter as she edges closer to that moment.

Elysia Willis does it again!

Having known Elysia for most of my life (scary), I've never seen a reduction in her creative momentum – teaching art, freelancing, building businesses, making podcasts... where does it end? I think this idea is one of Elysia's best – and she's had a few million. Aside from being interviewed, I've enjoyed the insightful stories of other young professionals, and how the seeds of interest sown in school have evolved into fulfilling careers and lifestyles. A great reesource for anyone wishing to understand careers more, as well as what drives people, and what you can do with the luck or lemons life gives to you. A masterclass!

Love Elysia’s voice

I listened to the first episode with Tim Pearson and it was a powerful episode. I think if you want high quality interviews this is a great show for you

A to Z is so insightful!!

I really enjoyed these podcasts, really insightful and such a great source of ideas and inspiration for kids thinking about what they want to do when they leave school. It also helped address some of my own naivety in the sense I had no real idea what some of these professions were about (which now I do)!?! I also love the format too, very relaxed and easy to listen too... 👌🏻

What a gem?!

It’s a gem of a podcast with fascinating stories of people like you and I who when on to do things they love, depicting the beautiful and hard journey of how to begin your adult life once you leave school! A must listen for young and older ;)