July 17, 2020

Musician - Tim Pearson

Musician - Tim Pearson

We go out with a bang in this last episode of the series, as I chat with former student Tim - who is now a Musician! Tim is one half of the mighty musical duo that is The Escape, and so, I have a go at a bit of mixing myself and weave their music into the interview (you can listen to the track in full at the end). And of course, we chat about Tim's best and worst day being a Musician!

Remember if you are interested in finding out more about life as a Musician then head on over to our Instagram account @astrozookeeper where Tim has kindly given us his follow up 3 pieces of advice! AND of course check out The Escape wherever you get your music!

And of course, thanks to you for listening! See you in Series 2!

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